We understand the need for quality service in this industry. What we can offer may suit your need.

  1. Site installation of Belts - Our team is capable to install various belts ranging from 20mm to 3000mm wide belts. We proud to be the only service provider in Srilanka who can join 3000mm wide belts.
  2. Quick Fabrication - Depending upon your urgency we can manufacture your required belts within 3 to 8 hours for an extra charge.
  3. Normal Fabrication - Our normal fabrication lead times are 2 days which is still very fast for industry standards.
  4. Special Belt Fabrications - Many of our customers have special needs like Profile Belts, Corrugated Side Walls, Tracking Profiles, very mall length belts, Holes punched belts, diagonal joints, etc. We provide such services.
  5. Round the clock service - Our dedicated team is on standby for your very urgent needs. We can serve you on Sundays, National Holidays, Off working hours for an extra charge.
  6. Deliveries- Customers need to get their goods in their premises. We arrange for deliveries to their place.
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